5 Daily Struggles Of Elderly

5 Daily Struggles Of Elderly

As you grow up, the bones become weaker, the brain becomes smaller, and the muscles become thinner. Everything in the body of the elderly comes to a halt. A halt that they did not expect. Neither did they want it or wish for it. This pause is there in their everyday lives to remind them that death is not too far and that it can take them away at any moment of their lives.

Here are five such daily struggles of the elderly:

  • Medication 

Old-age brings with it several diseases. Several diseases require the consumption of several medications. To cure their current health condition and to maintain the status of their heart, mind, and body, they need to depend on medicines. 

  • Financial discomfort

All their adulthood, the elderly lived in the moment and could not save or even think about their retirement. Post-retirement, the elderly suffer daily for daily bread. Savings is a concept not taught to many. In adulthood, if the elderly had saved for retirement, the elderly would not have to suffer daily post-retirement. 

  • Mobility and movement

Bones become so weak, and the muscles become so inactive in old age that mobility and movement seem like a task for the elderly. Every single day of their lives, they have to struggle with mobility to keep their bones and muscles healthy. 

  • Abuse from the children

It does not apply to all families. But for some families, the elderly have to bear abuse daily from their children. They did the job of raising their children well, but the children forget the very fact that they are too going to get old and going to need care from caregivers. 

  • Inability to complete errands

Memory loss is one of the common symptoms of the elderly. Completing errands every day like grocery shopping and attending appointments become strenuous for the elderly.

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