About us


Swabhimaan is for Senior Citizens Self Respect through Homes and Stays, Products and Services, Travel & Tourism, Support Systems, Careers, Upliftment, Knowledge and Spirituality services.

Areas of Operations:

It’s a One-Stop-Shop for Senior Citizens and their families to look for areas such as

1. Senior Citizens Homes and Stays for Short, Medium and Long Run.

2. Products and Services from around the World to empower them to lead a happy and blissful life.

3. Travel & Tourism keeping in mind their needs whilst travelling.

4. Support Systems for Home and Away for Senior Citizens to enable them to cope with Challenges faced during their Golden Years. This would include Self-Support, Travel, Hobbies, Music, Dance, Socializing and others.

5. Knowledge in Wellness, Health, Independent Functioning and Natural and Parallel forms of Wellness.

6. Discourses on Spirituality and Self-Realization.  

7. Information about Initiatives around India and the World for Senior Citizens.

Scope and Activities:

I. Stays

  1. Senior citizen homes
  2. Hostels
  3. Sanatoriums
  4. Wellness centres
  5. Day-care
  6. Homestays
  7. Assisted Care Centres
  8. Resorts
  9. Dharamshala
  10. Religious Dharamshala
  11. Wellness Dharamshala

II. Wellness Products and Services 

  1. Wellness products
  2. Wellness services
  3. Support Systems
  4. Technologies
  5. Tours and travels
  6. Spiritual sessions
  7. Knowledge sessions

III. Updates

  1. News
  2. Articles
  3. Stories
  4. Initiatives
  5. Good news
  6. Latest updates
  7. Trends
  8. Technologies
  9. Knowledge
  10. Spirituality

IV. Support

  1. Report a senior citizen
  2. Paperwork
  3. Organ donation
  4. Schemes and facilities

For Investors / Service Providers

  1. Launch your own Sr. Citizen Home
  2. New centres on rent

Second Career

  1. Senior citizens employment
  2. Senior citizens intellectual capital

Events and Media

  1. Senior citizen events